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Polly Speaks 4U User Interface & Menus



In contrast to traditional menu ribbons found in typical word processors, Polly Speaks 4U utilizes a button menu battery.


This menu system consisting of large and highly visible buttons, employing the Arial Black font to highlight menu items such as “new document" and copy / paste." Additionally, right-clicking within the program reveals an enlarged menu  with items categorised into groups, including speaking tools, editing tools,and fonting tools.

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Polly Praat Afrikaans

"Polly Grade School Reader" will be available starting November 25, 2023, on this website.

This resource promises to be an exciting addition to grade school education, providing engaging content to support the development of young readers. If you have any specific requests regarding the reader that you'd like to share, please feel free to let me know! support@pollyspeaks4u.co.za