Welcome to Polly Speaks 4 U
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Welcome to Polly Speaks 4U – Empowering Dyslexic Learners of All Ages!

About Us: Embark on a journey with Polly Speaks 4U, a groundbreaking language, writing, and reading improvement tool designed by Timothy Wood, a dyslexic software developer. Born out of Wood's personal experience with dyslexia, this program breaks down barriers and empowers learners of all ages.

Tackling Dyslexic Challenges: Polly Speaks 4U employs interactive graphics, verbal communication, and word association to enhance cognitive reading, writing, and sentence structure. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, bringing professionalism and readability to written content.

Text-to-Speech Magic: Immerse yourself in our robust text-to-speech function, giving written words a voice. Compatible with various voices seamlessly integrated with Windows, it's not just a reading aid but also a valuable tool for auditory confirmation.

Child-Friendly Learning: Polly introduces a child-friendly bot and interactive spelling games to make learning enjoyable for children. Engaging graphic interfaces foster a personal connection, making the learning process relatable and fun.

Tailored Solutions for All Ages: From Polly Junior Document Editor for ages 6 to 12 to Polly Speaks 4U Document Editor for teens and beyond, our program evolves with users throughout different life stages.

Grade School Book Reader and Marker: Our Grade School Book Reader and Marker provide valuable insights for educators, fostering a collaborative and data-driven educational environment.

Interactive Learning Experience: Polly Speaks 4U creates an immersive and visually stimulating environment. Active participation, a reward system, and personalized learning make the journey motivating.

Read Text within Images: Polly's unique capability to read text within images adds an immersive and visually engaging dimension to learning.

Data Security and Privacy: We prioritize the privacy and security of personal data. Each student's data is securely stored, accessible exclusively by educators with unique login details.

Polly Speaks 4U in a Nutshell: More than an educational tool, it's a dynamic and interactive companion that actively involves learners in their journey. Join us in opening the door to endless possibilities in the world of learning.

Discover the power of Polly Speaks 4U – Bridging Gaps, Enriching Lives!