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Polly Speaks 4U's creator is Timothy Wood a dyslexic who has lived with the condition for 60 years.

Timothy developed Polly Speaks 4U as a tool to help himself better cope with the tasks of writing and reading business correspondence, because he got so tired of his bosses pulling their hair out every time he made a spelling error.


Further as good as Microsoft spelling & grammar checker are , without the aid of a verbal confirmation a dyslexic  very seldom can tell the difference between two similar and correctly spelt words.


Timothy did not start out life with the intention to become a software developer, this came about due to a set of unfortunate circumstances. The death of his beloved wife Winnie of 30 years at the  young age of 50 in August 2020 due to leukaemia This made Timothy an aggressive in finding way to support victims of cancer., this is why there is the cancer ribbon on all Pollywood software.

We support the victims as they need it the most.


During the long sleepless nights that followed Winnie's passing, Timothy after 20 years of trying finally learned to code.


Timothy, has a number of the symptoms of the various dyslexic conditions as did Winnie, Tim's present wife Sue is also a dyslexic.


Since the development of Polly the whole family including children and grandchildren make use of Polly daily, whether dyslexic or not as Polly's presence adds value to the whole family's life.

The History of Polly Speaks 4U's Creation & Development  by a Dyslexic


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